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It's up, up, and away to otherworldly skies thick with bright stars and swirling colors

Paint Nite Galaxy in the Pines II painting

Galaxy in the Pines II

Abbey Denlinger

Alyson McCrink

Galaxy Mountain

Galaxy at the Beach

Abbey Denlinger

Galaxy Runner

Andria Moss

Abbey Denlinger

Galaxy in the Valley

Galaxy Unicorn

Ashley Wilkins

Moonrise on the Water

Samantha Bonacorsa

Tamera Newton

Supernova Galaxy

Meditation on the Galaxy

Don Knight

Up at the Galaxy

 Liesl Scheppat

Abbey Denlinger

Galaxy in the Pines

Midnight Galaxy in the Woods

Amanda Hills

Galaxy Lighthouse III

– Vincent Van Gogh

Galaxy Goddess

Hannah Williams

Swirling Blue Galaxy

Lexi Dixon

Gregory Copploe

River to the Galaxy

Galaxy Dream Catcher

Sarah Irving

Galaxy Lake II

Veronica Racanelli

Carmen Maciboric

Leave This Place

Aurora Along the Milky Way

Kaylee Rose Wray

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How to enter:

1. Attend an event with a painting from our 
Galaxy Dreams Exhibition

2. Share a picture of your painting on social media using

3. Check social media on 
March 26 to see the winners

Feel Good Galaxy

Luc Atangana

Magic Under the Stars

Vera Malitskaya

Unleash the Universe

Andria Moss

Alyson Mccrink

Twilight Lights

Cosmic Lighthouse

Courtney Powel

Samantha Bonacorsa

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Paint and Win

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Abbey Denlinger

Galaxy at Pine Lake